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  • Stribog-specific application
  • Aluminum base with steel socket
  • Quick, 5 minute installation
  • Works on either side

If you are looking for a place to attach your 2-point QD sling to the front of your Stribog and don't want to use the side M-LOK slots or Picatinny rails, our QD mount is for you. These Stribog-specific mounts simply pop into the angled slots on the side of your Stribog and attach in seconds with a single screw and custom threaded back plate. 

The mounting base and back plates are machined from 6061 aluminum. Our QD sockets are machined from steel. Many companies machine their sockets from aluminum but QD lugs use hardened steel ball bearings for the detents. These have a tendency to wear out the retention grooves in aluminum QD  sockets, often resulting in a QD lug that pops out when you don't want it to. This is why all of our QD sockets are machined from steel. 

NOTE: Weapon may still be charged when charging handle is on the same side as the QD mount.

NOTE: This item will interfere with our Modular folder when folding to the same side. There are a few options to make them compatible. Since our Modular Folder can fold to the left or to the right, and this QD mount can attach to either side of the Stribog, you simply need to swap components to your liking in a manner where they are not both on the same side of the weapon. The other option is to run our shorter 7.75" extension, which clears the QD mount with no issues.