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These SPINNERS function the same as the SP001 Spinner except for the stand. Instead of a 4-leg stand, this is a stake and stand system. Simply drive the provided 18" stakes into the ground, slide your stand over the stakes and you are done.  This system requires less room to setup, is even more sturdy (depending on the quality of the dirt in your area), and more economical.

The A3 Tactical Spinners are a customer favorite. These 360 degree target systems may at first seem like just a two-target stand until you shoot at them and gravity takes over. A single shot will not spin the target over, it takes well-timed successive shots to spin the target a full rotation. After the first shot, every shot after is a moving target and unless you time your shot appropriately on the back swing, the target will lose momentum. Once the target spins a rotation, hitting the target on the backswing becomes increasingly more difficult as the rotation speeds up.

As with most A3 Tactical target systems, we have designed them to be modular so you can upgrade, add to, change it up, or expand whenever you want to. You can start with a SPR003 single spinner target stand and upgrade to two spinners at any time by simply ordering the SP003 two-spinner upgrade kit. You can also bridge two stands together with our easy to use threaded stand connectors (RH004).

 In-ground Spinner Stands are manufactured from a combination of heavy duty 1-1/4" square tubing and heavy wall 1" DOM round tubing. The center spinner arm is protected by 1/4" angle iron and all spinners rotate on an oil-impregnated bronze bushing, good for years of trouble-free service. As with all A3 target systems the targets are replaceable and interchangeable with any of our "Bolted" targets. Powdercoated in durable A3 Olive Drab powdercoat.

NOTE: This is the stand and swinging mechanism only, steel targets are sold separately. We sell targets in various shapes and sizes. To purchase compatible AR500 targets, go to the "BOLTED TARGETS" category.

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