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Fits: SP5 , MP5, and MP5 clones.

Manufactured as a Polymer/Aluminum hybrid, our rear adapter provides the OE fit of the polymer adapter with a heavy duty 1/4" thick aluminum insert that supports the recoil spring seat and reinforces the stock mount. Completely unique in design, this adapter provides improved stability by covering more surface area of the receiver. We also include a 1/2" thick high-density polyurethane buffer. The A3 Tactical adapter allows the use of our complete line of modular stocks and braces and can also be configured with our Picatinny rail. The Picatinny rail will allow you to adapt any side folding stock (or arm brace) designed for use with Picatinny style mounts.

The bolt pattern and locating lug on the rear of the adapter provides a positive modular mounting platform for a wide variety of currently available stocks/braces.

  • Polymer/Aluminum hybrid design
  • OE-fit to receiver with reinforced recoil spring seat
  • 1/2" high-density polyurethane buffer included
  • No modifications to firearm needed
  • Modular design for various cross-platform use
  • Large #10 threads and positive lug for increased mount stability

NOTE: HK's and clones have two different rear ends, a single-pin design and a dual-pin design. The Standard models use this single-pin design.