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On the APC-K series, the hand guard only has 2.75 inches of rail space leaving very few options for universal VFG's, especially if you also want to run a hand-stop. By integrating the design and canting the grip forward (similar to the TP-9 VFG) we are able to get both a Vertical grip and hand-stop on the limited rail space. 

The surprisingly comfortable 100 degree angle provides a wider spread on your handhold, promoting better stabilization and a more appropriate wrist angle, while also creating extra magazine/VFG clearance.

Manufactured from PA-12 Nylon. Made in the USA.

  • +10 degrees forward frees up room and promotes better stabilization
  • Integrated design provides a VFG and hand-stop in a small package
  • Modular design with 5 different grip options
  • Clears factory folding stock