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The A3 Tactical Buffer tube thread Adapter allows the user to mount our Modular line of stocks and braces in place of an AR 15 style buffer tube. Many firearms utilize the buffer tube thread of the AR 15 to mount popular stocks and arm braces, but do not require the buffer tube itself to function. For weapons such as the BRN180, BREN 2, Sig 556, various shotguns and AK's this product offers a modular stock and brace alternative to those platforms.

The kit is composed of two parts and an attaching bolt. The externally-threaded adapter plug fits into the threaded buffer socket. The proprietary A3 mount then bolts to the adapter plug and secured to each other and the firearm by a 1/4" screw. 

NOTE: This product will not work with standard AR 15 style lowers where a buffer tube is required to house the buffer and spring.