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  • Modular design allows 6 different mounting positions for QD model
  • Modular design allows 2 different mounting positions for HK-hook model
  • Strong but light mounting plate composed of 4130 chrome moly
  • Offered in Standard HK-hook style or QD (quick disconnect)
  • Steel QD socket won't wear out like aluminum ones can
  • Total weight only 1.2-1.6 oz.

This kit allows you to put a sling mount on any of our various firearm adapters, in between the adapter and hinge. With the offset on the QD model you will be able to get 6 different configurations depending on how you mount it. The HK-hook style allows you to put the mount at either 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock. Durable low-gloss powdercoat finish, longer hardware included.

NOTE: works with our Modular line of braces and stocks only. Does not fit any adapters designed for use with the SB Tactical braces.